: Easy FM Studios

Easy FM first went on-air in Curacao on 14 February 1995. In Aruba in 2004. Easy FM has a unique format: soft-hits that fit the multi-language and multi-cultural audiences we have in Curacao and Aruba. Mostly hits from North America, Europe, South America and the Caribbean. But don't be surprised if you hear something from an artist you never heard of before: Yes we play the charts, but we also make our own charts. As long as the music is good and fits our format we will air it.

Re-vamp of our studios

Three radio stations are housed at our studio and transmitter locations.
Easy FM, Radio One and Clazz FM. The studios are located at Arikokweg. Our transmitters at Seru Pretu.
After Easy FM became the island's official Emergency Radio Station we decided to upgrade our facilities. We completly re-vamped our existing "bunker" studios and added an extra studio...just in case.

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